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Landscapes of the Soul

I enjoy working in the instinctive, abstract subconscious.

It's a fluid world of shape, colour, line and association; half dependent upon movement, half on being still and feeling .

There are points of contact with the outside world; obvious strands and moments of inspiration: but mostly it's habitual repetition. In it I find expression, identity, calm and connectivity.

Landscape is my soulmate. Trees, woodland, skies, water, rain, the wind, shifting seasons, seeds, leaves, fungi, mosses - plants of all kind are my inheritance (from my mother); stones, pebbles, rocks and cliffs, a passion for the sea (the gift of my father).

A constant, tactile fascination with place, geology and geography.


In them I find vastness, insignificance, permanence, transience, chance and pattern, creation and destruction. All twins : in each there is the presence of the other. These drive the emotion of my work.

At its heart is a need to escape, to wait and listen and respond; and by looking inwards at my reactions find some kind of freedom and understanding.

October              Solo show 'Gara Connected Forms',
                             Camberley, Surrey
Graduate from Newlyn School of Art Professional Mentoring Programme 
November 2018  'Aquarium' Group Show
                                PZ Gallery, Penzance
Summer 2018     Chapel House Gallery, Penzance
Qualifications & Publications
2015                        MA Stage 1 (Distinction) Art History
                                Open University                                                                                                   
                                Academic paper 'An Examination of  Contradiction? Filipino Identity and Juan Luna's  Spoliarium' 
June 2008            Winchester Writer's Conference     Short Story Finalist - 'Wooden Eyes' (Highly Commended)
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