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Abstract Intuitive Artist

"Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart" - Rumi

Career Highlights

August 2022 : 'Echoes' solo show at Newashgate Gallery, Farnham, Surrey


Sept 2019 pop-up solo exhibition 'Connected Forms : People, Land and Sea in the Provincial Philippines'

Sept 2020 e-book and online exhibition 'Omphalos'

Dec 2020  participant 'Metamorphosis' exhibition The Holy Art, London

March 2021 'Help a Hoarder Help the Planet' online exhibition curated on instagram and twitter celebrating the distinctiveness of place 

Nov 2018 graduate Newlyn School of Art Professional Mentoring Programme

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My Story

For thirty odd years I was a self-taught painter. With a full time career I fitted art around my work and family, but in 2018 I was accepted on the Professional Mentoring Programme at Newlyn School of Art and started my professional art career. 

I like to think that my art combines three things : a process based on abstraction and mark making; a reliance on feeling and intuition to access subconscious links in my brain; and a love for landscape and the rhythms and energy of the natural world.

I work from home in my 'garden studio' often painting outside where I can feel more relaxed and free to develop my ideas and technique; though I admit that excessive rain and cold drive me indoors - especially in the winter months.

I don't have a set way of working but tend to dive in and follow my intuition, seeing what happens and where it takes me.


My works run in series, across different media and supports, but they are all related to each other,  triggering associations in which I find the meaning, and titles of my work. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and to meet and get to know other artists. Please get in touch.

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