NAGGING DOUBTS- Week 2 : Part 3

sketch : 'yellow' one of the sketches I am trying to translate into a small work

As I am painting I am also starting to worry about what its all going to be about. It needs to be a coherent body of work, not just a bunch of paintings I did this summer. I can package them up and give them a shiny label if I want but ‘some work from my sketchbook’ seems too light and Omphalos seems too weighty and what about those Rhythms and Anxieties?

As if this is not enough I am starting to think about how I will show them. Yes I know…before I know what they are I am deciding to think about where and how they will be seen. In theory this should be easy. Painting. Wall. Buyers. Gallery.

In practice I do not like that linearity. And I do not like the idea of painting simply as furniture or interior decoration. ‘Oh I love that picture over the fireplace, doesn’t it go well with your curtains?

This is snobbery. But I want my work to be shown as a whole, as a bit of an event and be appreciated for what it is (or not) and I like the idea of staging all that.

So I am now thinking of ideas of how and when to show my work which start to impact what I think it might need to be. So far I have considered ‘inside churches’, ‘in a circle in a dark room, each image spot-lit’, ‘in concentric circles in a dark room’, ‘in a maze’, ‘ in a garden’, ‘in a circle round a tree in a garden facing inwards’, in a circle round a tree in a garden facing outwards’. These are the ideas that spring into my head often as I wake up. They are beautifully vivid in my semi-conscious state and beautifully conceived too. Odd how now I’m typing them up they look naff. Trying a bit too hard maybe?

The difficulty (as you can see) is that if I make 100 small things then they are going to be pretty lost in a circle round a huge tree. If I make 6 huge things then no way could they be put in concentric circles.

Perhaps variety is best….but I like consistency. It shows a sort of structure and pursuit of an idea.

And all along the danger is I will get bored and go off and do something completely different instead..

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