HAVING A GO - Week 2 : Part 1

Updated: May 26, 2020

Detail - 'Experiment' with stone and chestnut case, acrylic, ink, oil paint and assorted muck on canvas (2019)

I will start this week with a confession. I am not that into painting on canvas. I don’t know why. I prefer paper. Big heavy rolls of it, metres wide and metres long. That’s what gets me excited.

But for some reason I decide that I should paint a few trial pieces on canvas. Take a look over the fence I guess and see if its worth having another go.

It was OK the last time I painted on canvas. I did a whole series of about 12 works but in the end I was happiest with one I left out in the garden for a month, getting rained and shat on by passing birds. (above)

As far as I can see the only advantage of canvas is if it comes ready stretched you can hang it on a wall ,just as it is, unframed, and that’s a look I prefer for my paintings. (Which I admit is a drawback of the paper work I do as paper needs framing and its super expensive to frame something of the size I make, especially when you want to get into non reflective or museum glass).

Other than that I don’t think canvas has any benefits over paper, unless you want to leave it outside.

So I choose two smallish canvases and one larger to have a go at. By large I mean 75cm x 100cm.

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