Vivat - an affirmation : week 10, part 2

The bigger acrylic on canvas (formerly known as Leviathan) has been completed.

I didn’t like the relentless blue of it all. The tones, shapes and composition were right but not the colours. This is dangerous as if I had made a new colour on top it might have thrown out what pleased me. I decided to match a range of greens.

Leviathan was born from an idea of the tropics so deep rich greens seems appropriate and I get those from Pthalo Blue (my go to favourite) and Cadmium Yellow Deep.

I slide it on and a tropical vegetation appears, moving and twining about the picture. After a week or so in the desert with Birth Place it appears my spirit has moved on ahead of me to the humid rain and denseness of the Philippines. I am so at home here and I love finishing this painting.

I call it ‘Vivat’ and relate in my insta post that its an affirmation of life – an expression of the intrinsic desire to thrive and grow, not just exist. I feel this about it very deeply.

Vivat : acrylic on canvas

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