TOPOGRAPHIES : Week 6 Part 3

The idea of where I’ve been is still hovering around but now its shifted to me looking down…out of the aeroplane window. I see the patterns I am making as aerial views, topographies of landscapes that I may or may not have glimpsed over 30 years of travel. Is the hiding and revealing I am doing just an exploration of the space between clouds? The lines like urban grids superimposed on natural forms?

I don’t know. I don’t know either if I should care. Should I pursue these random thoughts as keys to doors that will hold greater riches? If yes then how will I keep up? I have so many random thoughts as I am working…last week it was chaos and order. How can I do each idea justice if they occur so frequently? I decide just to note them – in part the motivation for this diary – and keep going.

I certainly think my work is closer to these topographies than to the universe…their contained borders and scale being akin to the limited view from an aeroplane window. Perhaps I should paint curved corners on them?

Certainly a dramatic shift has occurred in my work that I am slowly coming to realise, accept and enjoy. I have switched from painting in and producing work in portrait orientation to landscape. It always seemed odd to me that as a self-described landscape inspired painter I should choose the portrait format time and time again. This seems to have ended. It seems trivial but I think it’s a big shift and giving my work a whole new feel and emotional context.

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