Cloud Path Wandering - a quick work on paper 60cm x 100cm

My enthusiasm is infectious and I begin the week with 4 new canvases and a long piece of paper.

All of the canvases have been used already but I immediately prepare two, overpainting what had been there before with gesso and letting them dry. The other 2 I decide to take in different directions.

One is beyond redemption. Its got rice stuck to its surface (long story) which I can neither scrape off nor sandpaper off. It completely shreds the sandpaper. It is also too bright to gesso over easily.

I decide this one will be the one I use for my ‘basest’ instincts. A canvas on which I can paint in the style I am hoping to develop, but ‘badly'. I use bright colours and thick impasto. I throw a bit of paint about. Scrape it on and off. The ‘ugly’ child is born.

The other I put to one side. I will deal with it later.

I quickly execute the first layers of my work on paper. Dark earth colours first. Bright reds and lilacs and a bale sky blue second. I dislike lilac. It seems like the sort of colour people would paint a lady’s bedroom in an overheated, underventilated nursing home…but on this occasion it works and sits quite well with the others. I give it a name almost instantly – even though it is only a preparatory work. ‘Cloud Path Wandering’. Then I leave it on the board drying on my easel.

My focus for this week turns to producing a second canvas. For continuity I pick a section detail from my first painting. Its on my i-phone so easy to crop and refer to. Then I begin to paint.

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