Random Acts of Chance : week 8 part 3

One of the continuous themes of Prof Cox’s 'Planets' broadcasts is that nothing is set or ordered or permanent and that things happen by chance albeit governed by basic laws of gravity and chemistry (which incidentally come out as the only things worth studying ever).

Mars is dry and barren and cold because it has no atmosphere because it's too small because it cooled too early and yet it was lush and wet – well wet at least – when Earth was just a toxic hot mess of a place that just happened to spawn some basic life forms that just clung on long enough to start altering Earth’s chemistry and hey presto 5 billion years of random chances later here I am typing on a laptop.

Remove any one of those random chances and I would not be typing here and now on my laptop.

Random acts of chance echoes my working process. It seems that’s what I do. Sort of let it all happen to some basic principles (my own imposed gravity and chemistry) and the rest is well – chance.

I love this parallel. Now method and ‘subject’ seem to be coming together. And my imagination is no longer earth bound.

No Longer Earth Bound - watercolour, acrylic, charcoal and chalk on paper

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