NO PROGRESS AT ALL - Week 3 : Part 2

Ompahlos - almost 2 weeks in and this is where I end up - acrylic and charcoal on canvas

My aim is to recreate my sketch. In it there is a lot of white space between the shapes, so knowing that white might not be a good idea to paint I opt for grey. I like grey.

I paint it where I want it to go, tentatively but assuredly, taking my time and varying the tone and hue ever so slightly as I go to keep it all interesting.

I stop for a ponder. It’s OK. I do the re-orientation thing and am thrilled by what I see. A mountain of rocks and stones, receding as it ascends, lit from behind with a cascade of water running down its surface in between the rocks.

I press on and work it a bit more. There are one or two false moves. I correct them but its OK. I spend hours on it.

I stop for another ponder.

It is vile.

How did this happen?

It has turned into a different coloured version of paintings I made over half a year ago. In fact its not a million miles from the one that lies underneath it, for I re-used an older canvas, priming over the previous painting.

I am deeply unimpressed with myself and the whole experiment. Seems like Ompahlos and this whole using the sketchbook wasn’t such a great idea after all.

I have spent two weeks making something I spent two days making almost one year ago.

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