Omphalos - first marks, where I started 3 weeks ago and probably where I should have left it

Its early on a Wednesday in May. By early I mean 9.30am. Not early at all but I’ve had a good, deep sleep and just woken up.

I am now sat with mug of tea and laptop taking a look at my pictures.

I photograph most stages of my painting and randomly start looking at what I’ve done for Omphalos.

Of the 12 pictures I have taken it is the first that strikes me most. It is really energetic and expressive. It holds my attention and, here’s the annoying thing, it is the most like the sketch I was trying to translate.

I had got closest to the ‘original’ with the very first marks I made.


Every other stage – some two weeks of other effort – therefore takes me further and further away from where I was trying to reach. Like going for a great circuitous ramble and half way realising you might well have just stayed at your destination, as it was also the starting point.

But perhaps then it’s the walk that is important, the act of walking, and what you experience along the way, not the destination.

Fine for a walk but in painting terms I have used a lot of paint and time and realise I will now need to do the same just to get back.Assuming back is where I want to be.

This is starting to look like a familiar dilemma.

Bugger (again).

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