HALFWAY IN : Week 6 Part 3

about halfway

As I think about what I am doing and why, the tussle between order and chaos expressed through how I paint and what I like and don’t as ‘finished’ pieces, reappears. Only this time it is far more contained and focused on the painting so I feel less intimidated by it. I feel I can use these two impulses a little more constructively than last time.

I used yellow as my fourth colour, a deep cadmium that is too yellow but I didn’t worry too much. I mix it up to make some greens.

I have created a sharp divide between two parts of the painting, a curving line running from top to bottom. It reminds me of a fault line in geology. For a while the work flirts with being something about continental drift…but as is the nature of these things with me that thought wanders and doesn’t stick.

Rather I see two large shapes almost kissing and think I’ll make it ‘The Two of Us’ instead.

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