FEELING BRAVE : Week 6 Part 4

Breaking the symmetry with dark green

I’m feeling brave.

The painting is again too polite so I decide to break its symmetry by going in with dark green on the left and ruthlessly light (titan buff) on the right.

I love the edges of this painting. They are pale and loose and a bit ephemeral. These I must keep.

But the dark green is too dark and the image seems to battle itself. That tender ‘kissing’ I saw is lost.

Once again my painting is unnamed.

It’s a bit like waiting for a baby. You keep naming it, trying things out before its born. Then when it arrives you look at it and decide. (or in my daughter’s case not. She was clearly not the name we had lined up for her…so we scrabbled around for 3 days looking for something new until we stumbled on just the right one!)

I decide the green half needs to go. I like the Titan Buff, not least because it’s a great name.

I progressively paint bits out, creating more space about the shapes. It’s a hit and miss affair. It takes me several attempts over the course of a day but eventually its done.

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