the new painting - first marks 'copying' the detail from the previous work

I try and layer my new painting and work with a limited set of colours. Just 4 plus white. I keep a note otherwise I forget what they are : cerulean blue, yellow ochre, burnt sienna and permanent violet dark.

Beginning is always easy. I just grab a colour and a brush and go, scrubbling about and letting paint run and brushes make their marks. I throw in a bit of charcoal and get some definition to edges and possible shapes.

I am copying a crop from the previous picture. I sort of get things in the right place but it doesn’t quite work out. I am less bothered by this than perhaps I should be and become concerned I should be precise. I press on anyway conscious that I can (at any time) make corrections, overpaint or alter stuff I’m not happy with.

Forms and colours take shape. I layer in blue, a lot of it. I think its too much and layer it off again. The painting becomes a sort of light green with hard charcoal marks and I am unsure of the best orientation for it.

It works. But also it doesn’t

There’s nothing to dislike really but nor is there anything to really get your teeth into either.

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