'BACK' IS NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE - Week 4 : Part 1

the painting - now in week 4- looking like something else entirely

I have decided ‘back’ is bad and ‘like the sketch’ is good. This means the painting cannot be left as is but needs to be rescued and then revived.

Rescue involves slapping new marks on and slowly rebuilding. I smear on some blue and yellow. I gouge with the palette knife, scribe with charcoal, dab a bit of paint about and in a day’s worth of work arrive at a new look painting.

It has taken on the mantle of the tree in the garden. Good - because it’s the subject in an oblique sort of way and bad - because its now dense, complex and heavy…so still nothing like the sketch I set out to recreate. The latter was open, light and almost poetic.

I am as lost as ever.

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