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Carigara, Philippines 11.3N 124.7E


I call this one Leviathan

Sketch - Storm Tree

I notice a lone tree:  the sea at its roots, a dormant volcano and the ever-shifting sky behind it.

Earth and Sky Diptych

Acrylic on canvas. inspired by the different weave of the walls and rooves of traditional nippa huts.

Earth and Sky Diptych III

small work - acrylic on canvas.

Sketch - egret, swallows & jellyfish

Morning. Low tide. An egret stood perfectly still.

Storm Tree II detai

A large study, probably ready for translation into a finished work.

Small study I

beginning a new stream of work to develop my subject more widely and deeply


random doodles as I look at the tide coming in over the black lava sand


cockle picker - low tide

Study - tree

...the same tree abstracted to a minimalist shape where space and line interplay

Earth and Sea

detail from a study. Acrylic on paper.

Storm Tree

A loose study exploring layering and mark making.

The Mountain Eater - detail

The idea of a myth about a tree, the sea and a volcano resurfaces when I paint this.

Small study II

Beginning a new stream of work with small postcard size studies

Sea marks - doodle


Study - mountain eaters

pushing my ideas of tree, earth, sea and sky to abstraction I start to build a myth...

Earth and Sky Diptych II

small work - acrylic on canvas.


Detail from a study. Acrylic on paper

detail from tree study

More of the 'storm tree'

Storm Tree III

Playing with marks and colours

Small study III

Beginning a new stream of work. Postcard size studies open a way for me to keep exploring.