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About My Practice

I have been painting for over 25 years, and professionally for the last 2, graduating from the Newlyn School of Art Professional Mentoring Programme in 2018 where I was tutored by some of Britain’s leading contemporary artists and teachers. I have exhibited at several galleries in Cornwall and at pop up events near London, and my work hangs in private collections in the UK, France, the Philippines, Canada and Japan.


My work is a search for understanding about identity, our place in the world, and our own impermanence and insignificance in an infinite, and chaotically ordered, universe. These are ancient sensibilities that have occupied us since the dawn of human history and they still challenge us today, particularly in light of ‘Big History’ and our realisation of how much we rely on the ‘benevolence’ of geographic and environmental processes for our survival.


It is these themes, signified through abstract responses to the landscape, that dominate my work whether I sense them in the features and topography of the land, in the processes of weathering and geology that form it, or in the histories and cultures that are our responses to them both.


Because these ideas and assumptions (the biggest of which is that somehow we matter) are often deeply buried, I use instinctive and direct techniques to bring my thoughts to the surface. Combined with research to inform it, I allow the process of making in the landscape and outside in my ‘studio’ to bridge between feeling, subconscious and considered thought.  In so doing I re-encounter my interests and prejudices; a love of geography, history and mythology, comparative religion and culture always reappear, but so do new insights, realisations and sensations.


I do not uncover answers to my questions. But I do increase my sense of belonging and connection; and with each painting a minute increment of understanding is added to my experience of living.

October              Solo show 'Gara Connected Forms',
                             Camberley, Surrey
Graduate from Newlyn School of Art Professional Mentoring Programme 
November 2018  'Aquarium' Group Show
                                PZ Gallery, Penzance
Summer 2018     Chapel House Gallery, Penzance
Qualifications & Publications
2015                        MA Stage 1 (Distinction) Art History
                                Open University                                                                                                   Academic paper 'An Examination of                                                             Contradiction? Filipino Identity and Juan Luna's                                       Spoliarium' 
June 2008            Winchester Writer's Conference                                                                      Short Story Finalist - 'Wooden Eyes'